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Leverage the Field for Success

Based on his career as a data analytics leader with a Big Four firm and his understanding of quantum physics, John Jay McKey had an epiphany in July 2014 that led to the writing of his book, LEVERAGE THE FIELD FOR SUCCESS – Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World.  McKey now speaks to corporations, conferences, and at weekend programs on the structure of the quantum field (“the Field”) and how the Field can be engaged to accelerate success in the workplace.  McKey has also authored articles for,, and


Keynote Topics

  • Leadership:  Create a strategic vision based on Field attributes to ensure and accelerate success
  • Teamwork:  Embed innovation and grow high performers by leveraging Field-based techniques
  • Diversity:  Understand and harness the power of diversity using Field-based techniques
  • Management:  Learn Field-centered coaching techniques that will lead to lower staff turnover, higher productivity, and increased innovation
  • Innovation:  Harness tools and mechanisms of the Field to create a culture of sustained innovation