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For 28 years John Jay McKey has been a student of success, building and leading data analysis teams at a Big Four firm, with a Fortune 100 corporation, and at the Office of Inspector General. While commuting from Chicago to Washington D.C. to work for the OIG, Jay had an epiphany the uncovered the underpinning of all success.

This led to the writing of his book Leverage the Field for Success, which details how to use the core dynamics of the quantum energy field, expansion and balance, to achieve higher levels of success.


Leverage the Field for Success

In Leverage the Field for Success: Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World, accomplished data analytics expert and successful business leader John Jay McKey examines the framework that underlies success, obstacles, and even failures.  Understanding this quantum field framework enables readers to navigate all workplace experiences to maximum benefit.


Next Level Success Quiz

Are you ready for next-level success? Take the Next Level Quiz and learn how prepared you are for greater success, including best next steps to achieve your desired level of success.

The “next steps” outlined in the quiz results will be based on your quiz responses and the core dynamics of the quantum energy field:  Expansion and Balance.  So, take the quiz now to learn and begin applying techniques to achieve next-level success!


Keynote Speaking

Jay has extensive public speaking experience in his 17 years as a data analysis professional at a Big Four firm, giving talks to round tables and professional associations. Using concepts and techniques from his book, Jay’s talks help leaders and staff:

  • Achieve higher levels of productivity and career satisfaction
  • Increase efficiencies and high-value results
  • Cultivate new areas of focus that will help upper management drive organizational success
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