For 28 years John Jay McKey has been a student of success, building and leading data analysis teams in the banking sector, a Big Four accounting and consulting firm, the Office of Inspector General, and a multinational Fortune 50 company.  While commuting from Chicago to Washington DC to work for the OIG, Jay was inspired to capture the underpinning of his career success, leading to the writing of his book LEVERAGE THE FIELD FOR SUCCESS: Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World.

Unlike other career success and motivational works, Jay explains how one can use what scientists call the quantum energy field, the zero-point field, or simply “the Field,” to support and accelerate one’s success and/or the success of their team.

Leverage the Field for Success

The Book

Explore the detailed workings of the Field’s mechanisms in Leveraging the Field for Success


Keynote Speaker

Secure Jay as a keynote speaker to inspire and guide leaders and staff to higher levels of success



Receive one-on-one coaching to navigate challenging career obstacles or to breakthrough ceilings to higher levels success


Attend a one-day workshop to create an actionable one- or two-year career plan based on specific mechanisms of the Field