The Book

The Book

In his new book, LEVERAGE THE FIELD FOR SUCCESS: Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World, accomplished data analytics expert and successful business leader John Jay McKey introduces for the first time a framework for deploying an energy mechanism many simply call the Field. The Field can dramatically improve not only the way in which business professionals approach their daily work, but the results they accomplish both short-term and throughout their entire career.

“I’ve written this book to accomplish two goals,” says McKey. “The first is to help businesspeople understand how the energetic field is really at the core of everything we see, hear, feel and do, from the world around us, to our perceptions as we move about our daily lives. Science has already proven the existence of the Field, and many have written about using it to improve our personal lives. But it can have tremendous ramifications on our professional lives as well.” McKey continues by explaining his second goal is to provide a pragmatic application of this knowledge for business professionals, managers and organizations, so they may learn how to leverage this structure for their own advantage.

LEVERAGE THE FIELD FOR SUCCESS is a must read for anyone looking for that extra edge to differentiate themselves within their professional career, and achieve extraordinary career success. Click here to order a copy today.

The Field Defined


What is the Field?

       Science has conclusively proven that there is an energy field that literally connects all living and inanimate things in the universe. However, it is not simply an energy mechanism:   It can also store an infinite amount of data, and it can act as an instantaneous communication mechanism, conveying information faster than the speed of light. This is not theory. Scientists have proven this physical reality.

       But how can a human be connected to all things in the universe?  How can we be connected to the plastic screen or the paper upon which these words are printed?  Well, when examining the smallest particle of any physical object, quantum physicists discovered that that smallest particle is not physical at all. It is actually an energy wave. Whether it be a piece of human tissue or a chunk of granite, the tiniest particles of these objects are comprised of energy. Science has further shown that these tiniest of energy waves can communicate with each other – and they can communicate with all other energy waves in the Field.

       If everything is indeed connected, can humans interact with the Field?  Can they leverage the Field in the world of business?  In advancing their careers? 

      Of course. Think about it:  If the Field is connected to all resources and all people associated with those resources, then the Field offers a framework through which we can take our careers, our business teams, and our organizations to ever higher levels of success. So if you would like to learn how to work with key mechanisms of the Field, if you would like to learn how to leverage the physical reality of the Field for your own success, and if you want to discover how and why the Field will support your success, then read on.

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