Speaker Testimonials

“The talk was really powerful because – as a business person – it took some concepts that I intuitively understood and gave it a framework that’s real [the Field]. And that helps my left brain: instead of having a feel about a decision, I can shift to knowing it’s the right decision.”

Craig D., Senior Vice President, SDI (Strategic Meeting Planning)

“It was an exciting talk for me. Looking back on my career, the concepts of Excitement and Momentum and how they are supported by the Field really resonated with me.”

Olga L., Retired Principal / School Principal Coach, Chicago Public Schools

“The understanding that everything is connected at a quantum level is profound. We can use the concepts he outlined in everything, relationships, projects, and so on. By knowing the Field exists, we can rely on it, we can use it, and we can accomplish so much more. And now I know how to put it (the Field) into action to help me in the future.”

Priscilla F., Financial Services Specialist

“I particularly enjoyed the summary and the clarity of the science. To see it presented in one package in a very relatable way was very exciting. The instantaneous communication aspect of the Field was eye-opening and really raises awareness of my thoughts and intentions.”

Tom R., Healthcare Consultant, Author, Educator

“The talk was amazing. I especially liked the idea of focusing on just two or three projects (vs. many) and really building momentum around those projects using the Field-based techniques that Jay covered today.”

Kurt C., Senior Minister, Unity Church

“This book accessibly describes how to achieve full potential. Studies are generously sprinkled through this immensely readable book. An invigorating read for all and an indispensable guide for business owners and managers, this is a groundbreaking book that incorporates scientific concepts in demonstrating the attainable success not only in business, but also in the manner in which we traverse our lives. Highly Recommended.”

Grady H.

Author Testimonials

“John Jay McKey…brings to life real-world applications to make your life better. As a relatively small business owner who loves physics and the ideas behind how the quantum world affects our everyday lives, I was super excited to read this book. The very short book did not disappoint. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to know more about the Field, whether in business or not.”

Courtney H.

“It is not an easy task to talk beyond 150 pages about “the Field” and not sound like a trickster; McKey nailed it. The book is very well-written, it is very entertaining and he supports his claims with reputable scientific work. I like the anecdotal portion that he blended in, as well as the little exercises he proposes at the end of each chapter. The best part, for me, was how well he was able to adapt these ideas to businesses. I would recommend not only reading this book but keeping it in your nightstand for constant consultation.”

Lorenza S.

“I went into this book a little skeptically but intrigued. The book does a fantastic job of delving into the science behind the idea of quantum reality.… McKey works through the book making sure the concept makes sense and then applies it to the world of business. I was very impressed with the level of research that McKey put into this book. The outcome is a thorough and well-explained book that I am excited to start applying the concepts of in business and life. I would highly recommend this book.”

Emerson R.