Part Two of Spiraling Chaos and The Quantum Field

Here are a few quotes to start this week’s blog:

The only constant in this world is change;

When a door closes, somewhere a window opens; and finally,

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

To continue the vein of last week’s blog, the spiraling chaos we are experiencing here in the US is our teacher.  Let me explain.

Last week I wrote about how the spiraling chaos is a reflection of the out-of-balance nature of our government and our society:  the self-serving Legislative and Executive branches of government.  I also pointed to racial tensions in our country (and around the world) and the protests and counter-protests that have taken place as a result.  I closed the blog by talking about how searching for truth can help with clarity and self-confidence as one discerns how best to navigate these chaotic times.

The Next Step.  Searching for Truth is just the first step.  The next step that will bring even more confidence and add momentum to your current journey is recognizing that this massive change we are experiencing – this chaos – is a very positive sign.

Which student learns more when building a birdhouse:  the one who is given a clear design with step-by-step instructions and pre-cut pieces of wood; or the student who is given is given one large piece of wood and a pencil and paper with which to create a design?  The latter, of course.

Think back on your own life.  Did you experience great success when you had a cushy job that required very little of you?  Or did you achieve success after facing and overcoming challenges?

Yes, the Field achieves maximum expansion when there is balance, but it is also aware that great growth (expansion) can occur when one is challenged.  When there is significant change in our lives.  Change is simply the next step in your path to greater expansion and greater success.

Our Collective Assignment.  I could have added “Change is opportunity,” to the list of quotes above, but besides being an overused cliché, the reality is a more concrete concept.  When we intentionally align our efforts with the goals of the Field – that is, when we focus on expansion and balance – the Field recognizes that we are ready for greater growth, and it will collaborate to present high-growth situations.  In other words, it presents us with change.  This could be a positive change, or it could be a challenge or an obstacle – likely something that will help us develop a skill that will ultimately be useful in getting to that next level of success.

The spiraling chaos we are experiencing is indeed a sign that things are way out of balance, but it is also a sign that we are ready to face that chaos.  That we are ready to learn, to take the next step, and to grow into a better and stronger country.  We simply need to recognize the collective assignment that has been placed before us, then we can each take our own small steps to create a new solution.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Wishing you an invigorating journey as you take your next steps!

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Spiraling Chaos and The Quantum Field (part 1 of 2)

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Here in the United States, our current reality seems bent on spiraling into more and more chaos.  Whether it’s attacks on our voting system, the media bullying the president to the exclusion of almost everything else, or leaders actively working to undermine the rule of law upon which our nation is based, ever increasing chaos seems to be our path at the moment.


How do we live through such times?  And what role is the Field playing in all this?  (the Field defined) Both questions are important, but today I’ll just touch on the latter and dive deep into the former.

The Field’s core dynamics are Expansion and Balance.  [Click here for more on expansion and balance.]  Maximum expansion occurs when there is an ideal state of balance.  When our society and our government/politics are in a healthy state of balance, we have a stable foundation as we strive for maximum growth, maximum expansion.  With COVID-19, an economy that has stumbled to just a crawl, and a political and media system focused more on beating each other up rather than working for the good of the country, there is clearly not much expansion going on right now.

Out of Balance.  Balance is the driving force in today’s reality.  More to the point, out of balance conditions are driving the spiraling chaos.  Our government is not serving the people.  The House, the Senate, and the Presidency are more concerned with self-promotion and self-preservation rather than helping the people they represent.  As a result, our three branches of government have strayed from their original “checks and balances” nature:  The Congress (House and Senate) have over decades ceded their leadership to the Executive branch; the Judicial branch has become politicized and is increasingly motivated by political parties rather than a passion for proper application of the law; and the Executive branch has far more power than was originally designed by our country’s founders.

The Black Lives Matter movement, the videos of police brutality, and the protests and counter-protests are all stark indicators of just how out of balance our current society is.

So where do we start?  In what ways can we use the Field to help us navigate a country in such chaos?  In the NBA Finals this week, coaches will design plays that favor the strengths of their players, as well as draw up defensive schemes that mitigate their weaknesses.  To be effective in making such decisions, coaches must rely on the facts.  Who is shooting well right now?  Who is moving a little slower today?  We must do the same.  In order to succeed in the “NBA Finals” of life, we must face harsh truth.

We must be brutally honest with ourselves about the opinions we hold, in order to navigate through this time to a greater state of balance.  Opinions and beliefs based on hearsay or out-of-context quotes is like a house without a foundation:  they will not stand the test of time.

If you’re uncertain about the truth of a particular issue, google both sides of the story.  Its SOOO easy today via the internet.  Try it.  Don’t have the time?  Then harness the harsh light of truth by asking yourself this question:  Which side of the issue will lead to greater balance as a country and to higher levels of success (expansion) for as many people as possible?

Truth.  Shining the harsh light of truth on your opinions and beliefs will not only lead to greater confidence in who you are, it will also reveal the path through this chaotic time in our country.

Remember, the Field expands when you expand.  Thus, it will support you in your desire to find balance, to search for the truth, to grow and expand, and to be successful.  And “you” means everyone.  Why?  Because if everyone achieves maximum expansion, then the Field does too.

Wishing you growth and clarity as you discern the Truth.

Next week I will dive deeper into the role of the Field during these chaotic times.  Click here to view past blogs, and follow this link to purchase a paperback or electronic version of Leverage the Field for Success.

Puzzles, Society and Racism

Happy Thursday!!  This latest blog is one of my longer ones, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy.

I am a fan of Disney animation films, of challenging puzzles, and I‘ve been a long-time fan of Thomas Kinkade paintings.  During the pandemic, I have had the great fortune of being able to pass the time working on a collection of puzzles based on paintings by Kinkade. To be more specific, these four paintings are based on beautiful scenes from the Disney films The Lion KingPeter PanThe Jungle Book, and – my favorite puzzle – The Princess and the Frog.

Now these are 500-piece puzzles, so they don’t take long to do, and yet they’re still a good challenge for any puzzle fan.  These aren’t your average puzzles:  these are high quality products.

The pieces are very unique – not like some of the cheap puzzles you buy with only four different puzzle shapes that repeat over and over.  These Disney puzzle pieces are not only unique, but they also fit together really well.  Not so snug that you can’t fit them together, but not so loose that they slip apart from each other.  You can easily pick up a completed puzzle and move it to another table without worrying about it falling apart.

In short, these puzzles are top quality puzzles.

So, when it comes time to put the puzzle away – when it’s time to separate all those little pieces – that part is not as easy as one might think.  You have to start undoing the puzzle by bending over a small section of one corner, gently coaxing it away from the rest of the puzzle, and then breaking down this one small section carefully between your fingers.  Then you can move on and break away the next small section of puzzle, gently pulling the pieces apart.

It takes time.  You actually have to pay attention to what you’re doing!  Your awareness has to be high because if you try to rush or force the pieces apart, you could damage one or even multiple pieces.

A few weeks ago, as I was breaking down my favorite puzzle, it dawned on me that that delicate and deliberate process just might be what our society is going through right now.

Our society works.  It not only works, but it is one of the best societies in the world.  I understand that that is a pretty brash statement, but I’ve lived in 4 different countries overseas:  three were benevolent dictatorships (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the Kingdom of Jordan), and one was the European democracy of Switzerland.

Based my life experiences in the Middle East and in Switzerland, I think I understand one of the main reasons why many want to immigrate here:  The corner stone of our society is based on freedom.  The freedom of expression and the ability to fully be who we want to be, these are the liberties of our society that make the United States so attractive.  In short, our society works really well…like the pieces of a high-quality puzzle.

Racism.  What about racism?  Where does racism show up in this picture, in this highly desirable society?  Aside from recent months, our society has largely hushed racism, swept it under the rug, and ignored it.  If our society is like a well-made puzzle, then racism is like the fine cardboard dust in between the pieces.  Over these last months, all that fine dust has surfaced and turned into a silky mud, marring what we had thought was a beautiful, well-made puzzle.  Marring what we thought was a desirable society.  Not a comfortable feeling, but a truth that can’t be denied.

Having said that, I am encouraged.  This time the unrest and the protests are not dying down.  People are uncomfortable.  They don’t like what they are seeing and they want it to change.  Not a change to soothe our disrupted lives back to “normalcy”.  No, people want change that is for good…and for the good of all.

Maybe we have to go through the pain of pulling apart pieces of our society, but such an effort will help to uncover and heal this deep scar on our nation’s soul.

The Quantum Field Angle.  Where concepts from my book Leverage the Field for Success are concerned, I have two things to say.  First, oppression, suppression, and repression are at cross purposes with the #1 priority of the Field, expansion.  Remember, when you expand, the Field expands.  And “you” means every person, every animal, every thing on the planet.  The Field’s ideal would be for all of us to help each other grow and expand, reaching the full potential of our lives here on Earth.  And that means Black Lives, too.

The second thing I’d say – in Field-verbiage – is that when we find ourselves presented with such situations from the Field, we know that even in the midst of despair, there is reason for great hope.  Why?  Because to pull ourselves through such challenge and conflict takes great growth and expansion.  We reach a better state of balance.  How will we do it?  How long will it take?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that as long as we keep pulling the pieces apart and asking questions about the mud that bubbles to the surface, eventually we will create a puzzle that far exceeds the beauty of our current society.

May we each have the heart, the patience, and the persistence to raise our awareness as we delicately pull the pieces apart, and creativity and compassionately discern how best to move forward.  Black Lives – and All Lives – will flourish as a result.

Click here for a definition of the Field, and follow this link to purchase a copy of Leverage the Field for Success (paperback or ebook).

Slow start to 2019? Then consider the expectations of “The Field”

Is your career off to a slow start in 2019?  Would you like 2019 to be a “breakthrough” year at work?  If so, would you like to have a partner supporting your plans – something you can count on to aid your success?  Then consider for a moment the core goals of the “universal energy field” or simply “the Field”. 

The Field is a measurable, physical reality of our world.  Quantum physicists have proven its existence through a vast array of experiments and scientific observations. In brief, quantum physicists and other scientists have proven that i) at the base of all physical matter are tiny waves of energy, ii) all energy waves exchange data when they intersect, and iii) communication in the Field is instantaneous.  This means that all knowledge, all data, and all material things are connected…all…the…time.  This includes our thoughts, which are themselves electromagnetic waves.  (Click here for a more in-depth definition of the Field).

So back to our question:  How can we use the Field to make 2019 a breakthrough year?  As any successful professional will tell you, a cornerstone to success is knowing the expectations of your boss.  It is no different with the Field.  Understand what’s important to the Field – its goals or priorities – and then craft your plan for 2019 in accordance with those priorities.

What are the core priorities of the Field?  As with most truths of the universe, the answer is simple:  expansion and balance. 

The number one priority of the Field is Expansion.  Everything – plants, animals, even the universe itself – is always seeking to expand.  So when creating your plan for 2019, ensure that a primary goal requires your expansion as a professional; this should be a project that will stretch your skills and capabilities.  Be sure that the stretch-project is in an area of work that you enjoy or are keenly interested in learning more about.  (I will write about the relationship of the Field and areas of work you enjoy in a later blog.)

The close second priority of the Field is Balance.  As any farmer will tell you, maximum yield is produced when their crops have healthy soil, plenty of sunlight, and proper irrigation.  In short, when conditions are in an ideal balance.  It is the same in the corporate world.  A creative or maverick middle manager who is terrible at budgeting and managing their team’s travel expenses is not likely to be promoted.  Where further promotion is concerned, this maverick middle manager is out of balance.  On the other hand, a middle manager with moderate innovation skills who is disciplined in budgeting and other administrative matters will be promoted.  He/she is in balance.  Thus, to bring your own performance to a higher state of balance, participate in one project or initiative that will demonstrate your mastery over an “area needing improvement” per your annual review.

How will you know the Field is actively supporting your plan?  First, by the level of excitement you have in creating your 2019 plan (based on the above guidelines).  That in itself will be a physical indication that you’re on the right track.  Second, you will experience unexpected approvals and collaboration as you discuss and then implement your plan.  Synergies will occur and progress will be made quicker and more easily than you had imagined.  Keep a log of such experiences and adjust your plan based on those experiences…and experience accelerated success in 2019. 

Wishing you all the best as you begin to collaborate with the Field. Enjoy the ride!

For more on the Field in the business world, including corporate examples of successes and failures and the role of the Field in those scenarios, click here to purchase LEVERAGE THE FIELD FOR SUCCESS on Amazon.