The Beginning

Well, this is it: my first full blog entry as an author. After more than 29 years working in corporate settings in the data analytics arena, I am entering the world of being a writer. My first book is called Leverage the Field for Success: Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World. It starts by laying out the science-based evidence of what’s known as the “zero-point field” or the “universal energy field” and how that field connects everything in the universe.  The bulk of the book is then focused on how we can use the Field to our advantage, detailing techniques that will support our personal success, the success of our teams, and the success of the larger organization.

I was inspired to write the book four years ago on the morning of July 31, 2014. As I showered, shaved and got ready for work (I was in a corporate studio apartment just outside DC), ideas and concepts started swirling in my head around three main topics: quantum physics, corporate best practices, and my own professional experiences (successes and failures). But this was not a chaotic swirling: connections were being made between all three areas with such speed and clarity that my head felt as if it was light and spinning.

This “swirling experience” had a sense of urgency.  I started scribbling words and phrases on the back of an envelope.  At the end of the day, I reviewed and grouped the scribbles into 11 distinct concepts and thought, “Wow – these could be chapters of a book.” But how does one write a book?  I was a data analyst, not a writer.  I decided to just sit down and start writing what came to me. I was commuting to DC from Chicago five days a week, so I had time to write on weekday evenings in the small high-rise apartment in Silver Spring, MD.

Three and a half weeks later I had 15 chapters of well-defined concepts, and six weeks after that I finished the first draft. I felt immensely satisfied for a day or so…and then went promptly into a five-week depression. In hindsight, I knew on a deep level that I had accomplished something significant, something that would ultimately change the course of my life and the lives of my wife and two children.

However, with wonderful positive change comes the departure of old, familiar ways of life.  While it was fun and exciting to write and finish that first draft, it was also sad to feel that a part of my old life was passing.  These periods of feeling down after achieving milestones in the book’s writing became a regular, recognizable experience.  I call these experiences “mini-deaths”, and I am sure I will be writing about a such an experience in the not-too-distant future given the immense change that my life is currently going through.

Why?  Because learning how to tap into and use the Field can take you in completely unexpected directions.  Case in point: I am currently unemployed and yet we are moving from the great city of Chicago to a small town in southern Illinois. Interacting with the Field can be a bit like galloping on an Arabian horse at full speed:  It’s the thrill of a lifetime…but you better pay attention and hang on tight!

More later, and a wonderful day/evening to you.