Spiraling Chaos and The Quantum Field (part 1 of 2)

Here in the United States, our current reality seems bent on spiraling into more and more chaos. Whether it’s attacks on our voting system, the media bullying the president to the exclusion of almost everything else, or leaders actively working to undermine the rule of law upon which our nation is based, ever increasing chaos seems to be our path at the moment.

How do we live through such times? And what role is the Field playing in all this?  (the Field defined) Both questions are important, but today I’ll just touch on the latter and dive deep into the former.

The Field’s core dynamics are Expansion and Balance. [Click here for more on expansion and balance.]  Maximum expansion occurs when there is an ideal state of balance.  When our society and our government/politics are in a healthy state of balance, we have a stable foundation as we strive for maximum growth, maximum expansion.  With COVID-19, an economy that has stumbled to just a crawl, and a political and media system focused more on beating each other up rather than working for the good of the country, there is clearly not much expansion going on right now.

Out of Balance.  Balance is the driving force in today’s reality.  More to the point, out of balance conditions are driving the spiraling chaos.  Our government is not serving the people.  The House, the Senate, and the Presidency are more concerned with self-promotion and self-preservation rather than helping the people they represent.  As a result, our three branches of government have strayed from their original “checks and balances” nature:  The Congress (House and Senate) have over decades ceded their leadership to the Executive branch; the Judicial branch has become politicized and is increasingly motivated by political parties rather than a passion for proper application of the law; and the Executive branch has far more power than was originally designed by our country’s founders.

The Black Lives Matter movement, the videos of police brutality, and the protests and counter-protests are all stark indicators of just how out of balance our current society is.

So where do we start?  In what ways can we use the Field to help us navigate a country in such chaos?  In the NBA Finals this week, coaches will design plays that favor the strengths of their players, as well as draw up defensive schemes that mitigate their weaknesses.  To be effective in making such decisions, coaches must rely on the facts.  Who is shooting well right now?  Who is moving a little slower today?  We must do the same.  In order to succeed in the “NBA Finals” of life, we must face harsh truth.

We must be brutally honest with ourselves about the opinions we hold, in order to navigate through this time to a greater state of balance.  Opinions and beliefs based on hearsay or out-of-context quotes is like a house without a foundation:  they will not stand the test of time.

If you’re uncertain about the truth of a particular issue, google both sides of the story.  Its SOOO easy today via the internet.  Try it.  Don’t have the time?  Then harness the harsh light of truth by asking yourself this question:  Which side of the issue will lead to greater balance as a country and to higher levels of success (expansion) for as many people as possible?

Truth.  Shining the harsh light of truth on your opinions and beliefs will not only lead to greater confidence in who you are, it will also reveal the path through this chaotic time in our country.

Remember, the Field expands when you expand.  Thus, it will support you in your desire to find balance, to search for the truth, to grow and expand, and to be successful.  And “you” means everyone.  Why?  Because if everyone achieves maximum expansion, then the Field does too.

Wishing you growth and clarity as you discern the Truth.

Next week I will dive deeper into the role of the Field during these chaotic times.  Click here to view past blogs, and follow this link to purchase a paperback or electronic version of Leverage the Field for Success.

Photo credit: © Satori13 – Dreamstime.com