Press Release: John Jay McKey to Speak at Unity on the North Shore, May 19th

QUINCY, IL, May 8, 2019 – John Jay McKey is presenting “Unity at Work: Leveraging the Field for Success” on May 19th, at Unity on the North Shore in Evanston. The talk is based on his new book, Leverage the Field for Success: Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World. McKey will discuss the fundamental structure of the quantum energy field (a.k.a., the Field), or what some scientists call “quantum reality.” He will also speak to the core attributes of the Field and will close with how one can leverage knowledge of the Field to accelerate their success in the workplace. We interact with the Field everyday whether we realize it or not. To learn how to use the Field to your advantage in the workplace, attend McKey’s talk on May 19th.