Landing the Right Job Offer

A recruiting manager has narrowed the selection process to two individuals with equal expertise: One is a pleasant person who is professional but whose authentic energy and enthusiasm are low, and the second individual has high energy and is clearly enthused about the prospect of working for the growing company and contributing to the success of the manager.

Which person do you think the manager will hire? The answer is, of course, the second individual.

But what if you have become disheartened from the job search process? What if several good opportunities have slipped through your fingers, leading to persistent self-doubt? In such a state, how do you become an enthused and high-energy candidate, as exemplified above? The answer is to proactively engage “the Field.”

The Field’s Structure

The Field — which is also referred to as “quantum reality” — is a matrix of electromagnetic waves that permeate everything.

“So what?” you may ask.

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