The Quantum Field: Trump, The Squad, and Courage

The quantum field – or simply “the Field” – is an unbiased structure that underpins all reality.  It does not champion good people or bad people.  It simply exists in the same way gravity exists:  it just is.  The Field does, however, have two core attributes:  expansion and balance.  So based on these attributes, who might the Field lend more support in the Trump vs. The Squad controversy, which revolves around immigration and race?  To find the answer, let’s first review a basic definition of the Field and its top priorities.

The Field Defined and Its Core Attributes.  The quantum field is a scientifically measured reality.  It is not theory.  Consider the following facts as proven via scientific experiments and measurable observations:  i) at the base of all physical matter are tiny electromagnetic energy waves, ii) as two electromagnetic waves intersect, they exchange data, and iii) communication in the Field is instantaneous.  This reality means that all living and innate matter in our world are connected all the time.  Whether or not we realize it, we are interacting with the Field every…single…instant.  How might this web of energy impact the political fight between Trump and The Squad?  To understand how the Field works and, thus, to which argument it might facilitate more support, we need to consider the goals of the Field.

What are the top two priorities of the Field?  Expansion and Balance.  Everything in the universe has a drive to expand – humans, animals, plants, bacteria, even the universe itself.  And optimal expansion springs from ideal balance.  In the Trump-Squad controversy we see an interplay of the balance and expansion principles.  Let’s simplify the positions of Trump and The Squad, then we will apply the Field’s principles.

Three Arguments and Courage.  The essence of Trump’s argument is for a stable, uniform society.  Put simply, with his immigration ban on Muslim countries, his hardline stance on a border wall with Mexico, and his recent effort to expand the sweep of ICE’s deportation efforts, Trump believes that a whiter America will lead to a more prosperous America.  The Squad, on the other hand, points to progressive civil rights principles – liberty and freedom for all people – in their stance that the US should respect the self-expression and religious beliefs of all immigrants and races (assuming they meet the standard immigration requirements that have been in place since 2012).

If the argument of the Field could be summed up in a simple expression it would be this:  Expansion = Balance + Contrasts.  While maximum expansion indeed springs from ideal balance, the reality is that growth results when facing and dealing with challenges / contrasts.  Through addressing and learning from challenges, higher states of balance (increased prosperity) can be reached.  It takes courage to face challenge, and arguments can be made both ways in this controversy.  Trump can argue that he is being courageous in speaking what he believes most Americans think, and The Squad can argue that they are being courageous in standing up for the inalienable rights captured in constitutional law.

Courage and the Expansive Path.  The Field supports those with courageous hearts as such individuals and institutions will likely experience great growth (expansion) from the challenges they face, navigate, and learn from.  Why?  Because as the individual expands, the Field expands as well; thus, its number one goal (expansion) is achieved.  Trump’s courageous fight is for short term turmoil followed by long term stability (reduce number of immigrants for a more stable white society).  The Squad’s position is that immigrants and non-white races may be challenging for the country in the short term and the long term, but the resulting diversity will ultimately make the country stronger.  On the face value of these simplified statements and given its connectedness to all resources on the planet, the Field will ultimately facilitate more support to The Squad.  Put another way, a society that welcomes and faces change will lead to more expansion, while a society bent on not changing will experience less expansion.

Who will adjust?  Remember that the courageous path is the expansive path. Trump and The Squad are both being courageous, and both will have ample opportunity to listen, to adapt their arguments, and to learn and grow from their experience.  The Field will be aware of their ability to grow (expand) and will support those who are open to greater personal growth.  So will Trump adjust his trajectory based on valid constitutional points made by The Squad?  Will The Squad have the courage to explore why 40% of the country feels anger toward immigrants?

Understanding the Field’s propensities of expansion and balance, what will be your courageous position?

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