Blog Re-launch and Journey Update

Hello Everyone.

This is a brief note to let you know that I am re-launching my blog. I had originally intended the blog to be a mix of personal experiences on my journey as an author, interesting scientific developments related to the Field, and tips and tricks for using the Field to one’s advantage in the workplace. However, I fell into a kind of obligatory rut, feeling like I had to write about something that demonstrated clear value or ROI (return on investment) for each reader. In short, the blog felt more like writing professionally polished articles than writing a blog.

With that, let me give you an update regarding my journey as an author and speaker. In the spring I focused on a variety of online promotion efforts to generate sales for Leverage the Field for Success. While those efforts did create spikes in sales, none generated more sales than the promotional cost. In other words, they were money-losing efforts that did not lead to sustained sales.

In early summer, I switched to focusing on writing articles and blogs. This effort seemed more promising as my blog “email-open-rates” were significantly higher than national averages. Things also looked promising on the article front. An article I wrote for titled, The Quantum Reality Approach to Job Searching: Using ‘the Field’ to Land the Right Offer had over 25,000 views in just five days, the highest number of views of five articles published at the same time on But despite publishing four articles and achieving high blog-read rates, book sales remained flat.

So, in late summer I decided to shift gears and focus on launching my speaking career. I had always intended to become a paid speaker to support sales of my book, but it now looked like speaking gigs would need to generate initial sales of the book. Using a version of an hour-long talk I gave in back in May, I cut down my hour long talk down to 20 – 25 minutes. Over a period of 10 days in September, I gave the talk four times (for free) to various civic clubs, each time re-working my slides and the speech based on interactions and questions from the audience. I created whole new slides and content, deleted much of the science-based content, and eventually arrived at a 17-18 minute talk.

Why change the talk so much? I had assumed that audiences would need thorough proof of the quantum field and its accessibility. It turns out they easily accepted the reality of the Field, and they were instead quite keen to hear how one uses mechanisms of the Field in the workplace. And this is what my talk now delivers. After delivering the fourth iteration of the talk, I sold more books than the three previous talks combined!

I have six talks lined up over the next few months and am not only looking forward to interacting with audiences, but also to an increasing trend in book sales!

Next Blog: The subject of my next blog will be based on a speech I gave at Toastmasters here in Quincy. The focus will be on the scientific proof that being in nature improves one’s health, but the blog will close with a question that science does not yet address.  Look for ‘Natural Connection’ next week, and wishing you great days till then!    jjm