A Confession Regarding “News”

I have a few confessions and updates for you. Well, more than a few, but I’ll start with this first one:  I’m not watching the news. I’m not reading the news. I’m not even watching YouTube clips of comedians making fun of the news.  *big sigh*  Sorry, everyone, but the situation has become so bad that it just disgusts me.  I mean it. It literally makes my stomach feel upset. Not the ulcer kind of upset, more like motion-sickness nausea. Yuck.

Why? President Trump does what he does – spouts hyperbole and self-contradictions – and the media then does what it does: pounces relentlessly on his every misstep. Catching Trump making a mistake is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel—it’s just not that fair. And if you’re a half-decent fisherman, it’s a waste of your time and talent.

But we all know why the media plays the game: ratings. People may argue that the media is being a good watchdog, keeping Trump in check. But if they really wanted to keep him in check, then they would all-but-ignore his mistakes and spend their airtime on the medical experts. But medical experts are scientists, and you don’t find many scientists with their own talk shows (Neil deGrasse Tyson being a notable exception). They aren’t good for ratings.

Well, my body has finally tired with all the hateful attacks and counter-attacks. Roughly three-to-four weeks ago, my body made it quite clear: You watch this vitriolic negativity, and you will be sick.

Another word for “sick” is “disease”, and I am choosing to focus on the second half of that word:  Ease.  I am choosing to spend my time looking for a job I’ll enjoy (yes, I’ve decided to re-join the corporate workforce…more details in the next blog), and I’m focusing on other activities that feel good and productive to me.  That might mean working on a project in the yard, or taking a 30-minute walk in the nearby park, or simply taking extra time sharing a coffee with Monique as we watch the sunrise from our back porch.

If we are indeed all connected via this thing called “the quantum energy field”, then in which mode am I better serving that Field:  as an upset person who is aggravated and depressed by the daily “news”, as a person focused on the positives in my future and who feels good going about their daily activities? I’m going with the latter. First, it just feels better, and second, the Field is all about Expansion. If I want the Field – with its connection to all resources on the planet – to support me in my job search and in my life, then I would want to choose the path that is expansive, that is growth-filled, that is about lifting up…not tearing down. Not the path that contracts one’s gut into knots, but the path that expands one’s chest with joy.

I suppose I’m not being completely honest. I have taken to watching SGN lately. They give some great examples of being creatively wonderful during these trying times. This is my favorite episode so far:  SGN  (if pressed for time, go to mark 8:27 in the video). Wishing you joy and courage on your path!!

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