The Field vs. The Force:  who wins?

As many of you are aware, today is a fun day for many sci-fi fans.  It is May 4th, the one day of the year that Star Wars fans can geek out and say to each other, “May the 4th be with you!”  For those of you who are less familiar with Star Wars, this is a reference to what characters in the SW saga say to each other upon parting, “May the Force be with you.”

George Lucas was both insightful and gifted at distilling the world’s religions into a single concept called “The Force”.  From a mythology perspective, I have no argument with Lucas’ conceptualization of the Force.  He essentially says that there must be a balance between the Dark and Light side of the Force.  A balance between selflessness and selfishness.

HOWEVER, as an explanatory construct of how the universe works – that is, as an actual belief system – “the Force” has a major flaw when compared with the very real and measurable dynamics of the quantum energy field, or “the Field”.

The Field has two top priorities or core dynamics:  Expansion and Balance.  I write extensively about these goals of the Field in my book, but the main message is this:  Adjust your business or career goals to be in alignment with the two core drivers of the Field, and the Field will support – and accelerate – your success.  Why?  Because you are focused on helping the Field achieve its goals.

Consider the dynamic of Expansion.  If your business goals are expansive in nature, then as you work towards those goals, all others touched by your efforts will need to expand as well.  You expand, your team expands, your customers and vendors expand…and, thus, the Field expands as well.  Of course, resources in the quantum energy field will be funneled to you – you will be acting as a catalyst of Expansion, the Field’s top priority.

NOW, compare the core dynamics of the Field with Lucas’ Force:  The Force is comprised of the Dark Side and the Light Side – and, yes, George talks about the importance of keeping these in balance – but what is the focus of the Dark Side?  Possession.  Power.  Control.  Anger.  Hate.  Sorry, George, but the structural reality of the universe does not support the Dark Side.  Period.

Where the Field is concerned, there is no support for or focus on “wrong”, “bad”, or “dark”.  Why?  Because it’s top priority of Expansion is about none of these things:  Expansion is about creativity and innovation and all tenets that undergird the freedom to express such creation.  Further, the Field’s #2 goal of Balance ensures that efforts to undercut Expansion – such as anger, hate, and their related destructive forces – prevent or stop such efforts.

So, from a metaphorical or mythological point of view, I have no qualms with “the Force”.  But as a belief system upon which a society is based, it is flawed.

Now having said all of the above, some very interesting questions can be raised about Hate and Anger in our world.  For example, if the Field does not support destructive forces, why do these exist in our world?  Oh, but look, “We’re out of time!”  😉

Keep your eyes open for another post from me in the coming weeks on this topic, where I’ll use Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and the horribly destructive war that has resulted – as an example of the Field’s core dynamics, Expansion and Balance.

In the meantime, the Field is with you – Always!!  🙂


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