Part Two of Spiraling Chaos and The Quantum Field

Last week I closed the blog by talking about how searching for truth can help with clarity and self-confidence as one discerns how best to navigate these chaotic times. To continue the vein of last week, the spiraling chaos we are experiencing here in the US is our teacher.

Spiraling Chaos and The Quantum Field (part 1 of 2)

Here in the United States, our current reality seems bent on spiraling into more and more chaos. Whether it’s attacks on our voting system, the media bullying the president to the exclusion of almost everything else, or leaders actively working to undermine the rule of law upon which our nation is based, ever increasing chaos seems to be our path at the moment.

Puzzles, Society and Racism

I am a fan of Disney animation films, of challenging puzzles, and I‘ve been a long-time fan of Thomas Kinkade paintings. During the pandemic, I have had the great fortune of being able to pass the time working on a collection of puzzles based on paintings by Kinkade of beautiful scenes from Disney films.

Slow start to 2019? Then consider the expectations of “The Field”

Is your career off to a slow start in 2019? Would you like 2019 to be a “breakthrough” year at work? If so, would you like to have a partner supporting your plans—something you can count on to aid your success? Then consider for a moment the core goals of the “universal energy field” or simply “the Field”.