Jimmy Buffett…lesson of Stagnation

  I’d like to start this blog by looking at the definition of stagnation, the state of not flowing or moving; lack of activity, growth, or development As regular readers of my blogs are well aware, the Field’s #1 goal is Expansion.  Thus, it is clear that stagnation is the opposite of expansion.  Now for the

The Field vs. The Force: guess who wins?! ;-)

As several of you are aware, today is a fun day for many sci-fi fans.  It is May 4th, the one day of the year that Star Wars fans can geek out and say to each other, “May the 4th be with you!”  For those of you who are less familiar with Star Wars, this

Part Two of Spiraling Chaos and The Quantum Field

Last week I closed the blog by talking about how searching for truth can help with clarity and self-confidence as one discerns how best to navigate these chaotic times. To continue the vein of last week, the spiraling chaos we are experiencing here in the US is our teacher.

Spiraling Chaos and The Quantum Field (part 1 of 2)

Here in the United States, our current reality seems bent on spiraling into more and more chaos. Whether it’s attacks on our voting system, the media bullying the president to the exclusion of almost everything else, or leaders actively working to undermine the rule of law upon which our nation is based, ever increasing chaos seems to be our path at the moment.

Puzzles, Society and Racism

I am a fan of Disney animation films, of challenging puzzles, and I‘ve been a long-time fan of Thomas Kinkade paintings. During the pandemic, I have had the great fortune of being able to pass the time working on a collection of puzzles based on paintings by Kinkade of beautiful scenes from Disney films.

A Confession Regarding “News”

I’m not watching the news. I’m not reading the news. I’m not even watching YouTube clips of comedians making fun of the news. The situation has become so bad that it just disgusts me. I mean it—it literally makes my stomach feel upset. Not the ulcer kind of upset, more like motion-sickness nausea. Yuck.

Gratitude as a Tool in 2020

Many of us focused our gratitude on “fun highlights” as we closed out 2019. But if we articulate and are grateful for our professional accomplishments—including career obstacles that we faced and overcame—we can boost our confidence as we move into 2020.

Natural Connection: What Science Does—and Does Not—Tell Us

Since writing my book I’ve wondered about what scientific evidence exists of the connection between our health and being outdoors. It turns out there is LOTS of research that conclusively shows the health benefits of being in nature.

Blog Re-launch and Journey Update

I had originally intended the blog to be a mix of personal experiences on my journey as an author, interesting scientific developments related to the Field, and tips and tricks for using the Field to one’s advantage in the workplace. However, I fell into a kind of obligatory rut, feeling like I had to write about something that demonstrated clear value or ROI for each reader. In short, the blog felt more like writing professionally polished articles than writing a blog.

The Quantum Field: Trump, The Squad, and Courage

The quantum field – or simply “the Field” – is an unbiased structure that underpins all reality. It does not champion good people or bad people. It simply exists in the same way gravity exists: it just is. The Field has two core attributes:  expansion and balance. Based on these attributes, who might the Field lend more support in the Trump vs. The Squad controversy, which revolves around immigration and race? To find the answer, let’s first review a basic definition of the Field and its top priorities.